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Anne T. Griffin

Speaker and AI & Blockchain expert

As the daughter of a chemist and an electrical engineer, I grew up immersed in the sciences. However, it was my passion for products and people that led me to tech. 

I completed my degree in engineering at the University of Michigan. I started my career as an IT consultant eventually moving into product management, where I could create products that engaged and inspired people. 

I went on to lead teams at companies like Huge Inc, Red Fuse Communications and OpenLaw, helping the businesses innovate and grow while adapting to their client’s needs. Today I lead cross-functional product teams at Priceline. At every stage in my career, I witnessed the value of designing products with people in mind. My focus is fairness: helping teams address bias in product design by integrating awareness into the creative process. Carving out space for humanity and empathy in a field inundated by product and process helps me stand out. 

I’ve gained opportunities to share my perspective on broad platforms as an Emerging Tech Correspondent for Tech 2025, a community for discussing the most consequential emerging technologies that will impact our world, as well as speaking engagements at conferences and universities. Additionally, I sit on the Rutgers University Big Data Certificate program Advisory Board, where I help shape the curriculum and advise on industry standards in data science, AI, machine learning, and data analytics.

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  • Blockchain

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • Product Management


B.A., Engineering, 2009



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