A Little Perspective from Art Fry

If you know me, you know Art Fry, co-inventor of the Post-It note, is a family friend of mine.  About every 5 years something happens where I end up talking to him on the phone, via email, or in person.  While I was in Minnesota for Christmas, my family got some of his mail and we called him to let him know.  

The nugget of wisdom he gave while we were talking about the year was:  people who are looking to help and collaborate are best at innovation.  

Art worked at 3M until his semi-retirement, and in his experience, those who weren't concerned about taking all the credit, or playing politics are usually those who are actually doing the most productive work towards building and innovation.  While politics and "the game" can't be avoided in the workplace, especially in places like New York or California, his point about looking where you can fit and help is valid.  Not groundbreaking but a nice reminder from the person who pursued his idea of the Post-It by collaborating with other scientists, despite the internal politics of the organization telling him to stop.